Allegheny B&B – September 2007 Meeting Notes

From September 2007 Bagels & Bytes

Discussion Items Mentioned:

Links to Articles Passed Around:

Funny I Should Mention This:

I had an email from Joe Mertz over at the computer science department of the Heinz School at CMU sitting in my inbox when I returned to the office this morning.  He requested that I share this message with our B&B group: 

“I still have a few student consultants available via the Technology Consulting in the Community program that is running from September 11 – December 14 this fall.  Word on the program went out earlier in the summer via the Bayer Center email newsletter. But if anyone at the Bagels and Bytes could use some of this type of technical support, please let them know.  Information details for potential community patners can be found at:”

Next Meeting:

At our October 3 meeting, Brad from Universal Information Systems, a local tech vendor, will be there to give us a Windows Vista demo.  (We’re finally getting our Vista demo!!) 

We also hope Joe Glackin has survived Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force’s recent office move and will give us a full account of how it went.

The meeting is, as usual, from 8 am – 9:30 am.  We will be meeting at Achieva once again.

Download the B&B 2007 Calendar and Directions Info Sheet.


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