Allegheny B&B – May 2008 Meeting Notes

We were back at The Vault on Pittsburgh’s North Side for one last month.  Next month, it’s B&B, breakfast, and boat!  We’re off to RiverQuest (also on the North Side) to breakfast on one of their boats!  You won’t want to miss it!!

Here are the various resources and software tools discussed at the meeting:

The Technical Side of Audits

  • What should I be doing or looking for?
  • Disaster planning as a piece of audit readiness
  • Fiscal technology spending
  • Nonprofits need a checklist for self-auditing for technology
  • Learn more:  Download the standards and guidelines set forth by ISACA (formerly the Information Systems and Audit Control Association)

Hardware and Software Inventory

  • “Who’s got time for that?”
  • What to track?  Specs, purchase info, history, users, upgrades, warranty, etc.

Where to Recycle Monitors

Office 2003/2007 Compatibility Patch (for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint)

Time Tracking and Technology

  • Is there a way to capture without paper?  What about staff who never turn theirs in on time?  What about part-time or remote staff who don’t have computer access?
  • We came to the conclusion that payroll and time-tracking issues are not necessarily technology issues.  There are many types of tech solutions out there, but if the basic business process doesn’t work, throwing technology at the problem will not fix it.

Next Meeting:

As mentioned, we will be at RiverQuest for the June meeting.  If anyone has any topic suggestions or any issues you’d like to discuss at the meeting, please email them to me at The meeting is, as usual, from 8 am – 9:30 am.

Download Bagels & Bytes 2008 Calendar & Directions


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