Allegheny B&B – November 2008 Meeting Notes

This was our second month at ACHIEVA on the South Side. Here are the resources and issues we discussed during the meeting:

Thin Clients

  • Michelle Hines from UCP and Joe Glackin from PATF are both utilizing thin client networks.
  • Servers need to have larger RAM, faster processors, and network needs to have good bandwidth.
  • Approximately 20 clients per server as a guideline – one would want to start adding servers if network slowing down from too many clients attached.
  • Only need licenses per user, not per machine.  One could have 30 thin client devices and only 10 users – would need 10 licenses.

VoIP Phones

  • Cisco ( makes good phones of this type.
  • VoIP phones last longer than regular phones.
  • When users move from office to office, they only need to unplug the phone and plug it in at the new office.
  • Is suggested that the servers be cycled every 5 years.
  • If there is clipping or echo, tweak the Quality of Service setting (this is a menu item) – keep in mind that quality is also affected by network traffic (too much data and/or voice)

Other Resources Mentioned During Meeting

Next Meeting:

  • Our next meeting is December 3 at Achieva on the South Side. (This month is our Holiday party!  Hooray!) If anyone has any topic suggestions or any issues you’d like to discuss at the meeting, please email them to me at The meeting is, as usual, from 8 am – 9:30 am.

Download Bagels & Bytes 2008 Calendar & Directions


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