Allegheny B&B – February 2009 Meeting Notes

Happy New Year!  We took a break in January and are back to our monthly Bagels & Bytes meetings! 


This month, we met at Rodef Shalom in Shadyside.  Our starter topic was “ways to save money on (and with) IT.”  Here are the resources and issues we discussed during the meeting:


Discounted hardware and software

  • Techsoup ( – runs a great software donation program and has a nice “Learning Center” resource
  • Consistent Computer Bargains ( – sells discounted equipment and software to nonprofits
  • Dell’s auction site ( – just like the name says, Dell auctions off its hardware on this site – sometimes for super cheap!


Vendors Used by Meeting Attendees

Next Meeting:

  • Our next meeting is March 4at Rodef Shalom in Shadyside.  Our topic for March will be Web 2.0/Social Networking.  The meeting is, as usual, from 8 am – 9:30 am.

2009 Bagels & Bytes Calendar is here!

One thought on “Allegheny B&B – February 2009 Meeting Notes

  1. Joe from PULSE, a meeting attendee, took extensive notes that I wanted to share as well:

    -Why don’t we like our file systems?
    -Too many people have access to create directories and lots of different approaches to file/folder management
    -particularly people without computer literacy
    -document retention policy?
    -we ran into issues when the server ran out of space
    -some people use quota on user files (if they have individual users)
    -e-mail storage
    -problem with users sending attachments of files already on the shared server
    -people keeping lots of sent items for years and years

    -create rules and protocols
    -assign by decimal system – could tie directly to accounting
    -put path in file footers
    -concept of least privilege
    -regulations can dictate system- ex. HIPAA/SOX
    -organize by organizational structure
    -Practice area – Clients
    -Program Year
    -naming conventions
    -consistent date
    -usually only apply to shared documents – don’t feel comfortable dictating conventions in individual
    -need staff buy-in
    -get input from various departments – form a committee
    -no right way but the key thing is setting up a system that works with the users and your business model
    -organize the system – start off in good shape
    -train users
    -intensive training for new users
    -mini-training at staff meetings
    -quick user’s guides
    -”Tech Tips” – e-mail sporadically – good for
    -document retention policy/purges

    -making the time
    -technology always changing – just when you implement a system, tech changes

    -Tech Solutions
    -Collaboration Software –
    -SharePoint (
    -MOODLE (

    -Document Retention – legal implications
    -must have a policy to safeguard
    -company e-mail is company e-mail
    -based on paper-based policy

    -Data Integration
    -can use Access (uses database drivers set up via DSN) to connect to various databases for complex-reporting needs
    -sometimes we need a custom-built system which is comprehensive
    -problem – don’t want to be dependent on consultants

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