Allegheny B&B – March 2009 Meeting Notes

This was our last month at Rodef Shalom in Shadyside. Our starter topic for the month was the ever-popular “social networking.”  Here are the resources and issues we discussed during the meeting:


Social Networking Sites and Utilities

We discussed the management of these sites and generally agreed that it typically falls upon one or two people within the organization.  Social networking tasks also tend to be lumped onto existing duties.  We touched upon the importance of gaining competence with these tools now in order to reach the socially conscious 13-18 year old set that will be volunteers in the near future and donors later on.


Selling Tickets Online to International Customers


The Great Pittsburgh Food Bank does a Blues Festival fundraiser each year for which they sell online tickets and merchandise.  They’ve experienced periodic attempts at credit card fraud by international users with their current online transactional system.  The group suggested Paypal for international orders, which guarantees the money is available and that a “real” bank account is funding the purchase.




We hate spam!  One can cut down on spam by subscribing to new online accounts using a hotmail or other free email address until one knows whether or not the new account will bring an onslaught of spam.  We have also experienced having our email addresses pulled out of web submission forms, sometimes even if one hits the “cancel” button.


Other Sites and Tools Mentioned During the Meeting

  • ( – an index of all the restaurants in the world, supposedly – not sure how this came up in conversation 🙂
  • ( – site for finding all kinds of coupons for all types of retail establishments, both brick and click
  • Yahoo! Store ( – for online shopping cart, only $40 per month and a fee assessed per sale
  • (  ) – for selling tickets online; free to nonprofits and a small fee assessed to customers purchasing tickets
  • ( – for creating a wiki, public or private
  • Madeleine Stanionis and her book “The Mercifully Brief, Real World Guide to Raising Thousands (if Not Tens of Thousands) of Dollars with Email” (
  • FISA Foundation ( – local foundation that gives grants as a potential source for obtaining a website accessibility improvement grant

Next Meeting:

  • Our next meeting is April 1 (that ought to be interesting, eh?) at Amani International Coffeehouse on the North Side. Our topic for April will be “General Hardware and Software Troubleshooting.”  The meeting is, as usual, from 8 am – 9:30 am.

2009 Bagels & Bytes Calendar is here!


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