Downtown B&B – September 2009 Meeting Notes

Once again, we met at the Bayer Center office in the Regional Enterprise Tower in downtown Pittsburgh. Here are the wealth of resources that were discussed during our meeting:

Many thanks to Norm Mast of Lutheran Service Society (who has more freeware in his brain’s memory cells than is probably healthy for any one person 🙂 for many of the items on this list!


The Allegheny group came up with the idea of having our December holiday party B&B meeting at a fun place – ROBOWORLD!  All B&B groups will be invited to this session.  I will be working with Joe McLaughlin, who worked on the exhibit there, to see about making this happen!

Our next meeting will be held at the Bayer Center’s downtown office, on October 8.  Please note that we are now holding our meeting from 8:30 – 10 am each month.


The Bagels & Bytes 2009 Calendar (including directions) is here.


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