Allegheny B&B – October 2010 Meeting Notes

This month we met at ACHIEVA on the South Side. Thank you to Steve, Dave, and their staff for hosting us!

Here are the resources and links from the meeting:

  • Dameware – remote desktop management software
  • Emco – remote desktop management software
  • What are “essential” computer skills for workers?
    • Debatable – possibly not a “general” list that could be compiled, changes per agency and per position.
    • Users must be molded and taught to use self-help first, check built-in software help or online.
    • To address training needs and gaps, could use wikis, training (which we all agreed is an H.R. issue), and professional development (also an H.R. issue).
    • A comment was made that the evolution of the technology function at nonprofit organizations seems to be following a similar path as that of the human resources function.  It took years, but for H.R. has finally been prioritized and recognized as a critical piece.  Tech is getting there, but still has a long way to go.
    • We techies must be advocates and educators about the importance of technology within our organizations.

Next month we will be meeting once again at ACHIEVA, from 8:30 – 10 a.m. on Wednesday, November 3.  Please join us!!

Get 2010 and 2011 B&B meeting info and location/directions here.


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