Allegheny B&B Meeting – November 2012

We held our last regular meeting of the year at ACHIEVA on the South Side.  Thank you to Steve, Dave & company for hosting us!  Our next meeting will be the Bagels & Bytes Holiday Party on Friday, Dec. 14, from 1-4 pm at Dave & Buster’s in the Waterfront.

Here are the notes and resources from this month’s meeting:

  • AV software for portable drives
  • Archiving files (on in-house servers) to the cloud – who is most secure, least expensive vendor?
    • Google storage, free account or pay account – each user gets 5 GB free (Google Docs doesn’t count toward storage)
    • The more you move to the cloud, the less you need an online backup service
    • Online backup services will pull specific files off a network
    • iBackup – online backup
    • Sugarsync – online backup
    • Iron Mountain – has probably been in the business longest, but rumor has it they’re fairly expensive
    • Portable drives could work but have a high degree of risk
    • For photos, use Flickr, Snapfish or Picasa
    • Have to pick your battles. People want to save everything.  Culture shift – don’t need thousands of event photos, just pick 30.
  • Managing technology
    • You want to change people’s behavior, but if you don’t have support from top management, it’s like swimming against the stream.
    • Techies expected to know everything – most of us recognize that we don’t/can’t know everything.
    • Providing support for personal devices – tricky ground. Half the time end up providing support despite policies in place stating org doesn’t do so, simply because the use of BYOD can affect business operations.
    • Managing Technology to Meet Your Mission (by NTEN) – great book, worth the investment.
    • If don’t have tech staff at your disposal, have to farm out more tasks to vendors.  Customer service (for staff) and strategic IT management should be the biggest focus.
    • Stressful when staff blame on you for things not working.  Article: “Five tips for reducing stress of user support calls
    • If you have a ticketing system in place, you can defend yourself if questions or issues about service come up.
    • Crux of issue – we are frequently trying to pound a square peg into a round hole. You can’t control what people do – can only control what we do, and control our own reactions.
    • Managing expectations is extremely important and also very tricky.

The 2012-2013 Bagels & Bytes Meeting Calendar is here.


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