Bagels & Bytes Meeting Notes – August 2013

We had our August meeting at Rodef Shalom in Shadyside.  A big “thank you” to Paula and the nice folks at Jewish Residential Services for hosting us!

Here are the notes from the meeting:


  • Anyone using Windows 8 tablet? Wanting to know about joining it to a domain.
  • Windows Pro 8 can be joined a domain.
  • iPad almost seems to be better for personal use and Windows 8 more geared for business.
  • Rumor that Start menu has been put back in Windows 8.

Network speeds


  • – hardware, software, tech reseller that offers really good deals (they purchase in bulk from tech companies like Dell, HP, etc.) – contact person is Kim Montieth,, (800) 258-0882 x 53494
  • Voicemail system hacking – how to prevent?
  • Compact flash memory – can be used in place of hard drives

Local Interest

  • Johna from Allegheny Conference shared the link for her org’s new website: (resources for living, working & playing in Pittsburgh)

We’ll be back at Rodef Shalom on Wednesday, September 4.  Hope to see you there!

The 2013 Bagels & Bytes Meeting Calendar is here.


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