Bagels & Bytes Meeting Notes – November 2014

Thank you once again to Steve, Nicole, Dave and the rest of the ACHIEVA staff for hosting us in their South Side office this month!  Next month we will hold our annual Holiday Party on Friday, December 12, from 1-4 pm at Dave & Buster’s at the Waterfront.  See this upcoming BCNM E-news article for more details.  I hope to see you there!

This month, Steve McDonell of ACHIEVA gave us a demonstration of Google Drive and answered many questions about setting up Google for an organization as well as about the apps.  Here are the notes from the meeting:

Google Drive and Apps

  • Has sharing and chat features
  • Has revisions (when in a Google doc, click on “all changes saved in drive” at the top of the menu to access revision history)
  • Grid on top right has all apps/icons
  • Upgrades take a few days to roll out
  • Check out Google blog and Tech Republic’s Google blog for news
  • Can now convert and edit MS Office docs in Google Apps
  • Mail merge – only available for email merges (Still need MS Office for envelopes, etc.)
  • Email archiving is available if you pay for a Google Vault account
  • Free, but certain features like spam filtering or email archiving cost ($35/per user/per year)
  • To set up a new account, register with Google, provide 501c3 proof (Google gives you MX record to hook up your domain name for email)
  • Saves time on app (desktop) installs and other IT admin items
  • Groups and Sites (can mix internal and external) (Can limit who can admin or send/share)
    • Sites – can have pages, calendars, etc.
    • Can insert/add lots of other Google Apps – into pages – integrate easily
    • Groups – can use a variety of ways (has its own archive) – public or private
  • Support available through reseller(s) and from Google
    • Onyx Networking
  • Very few outages and service interruptions
  • MDM is available (mobile device management)
  • Good job at explaining in layman’s terms
  • Big culture change
  • Collaboration and sharing are the two biggest pieces to this
  • Can backup if want to usingthird party apps, but Google has good backupbuilt in
    • When deleted, email stays in trash until deleted so there’s a chance to retrieve from there
    • Can retrieve for up to 30 days
  • Very scalable  – up or down – since it’s subscription based
  • Encryption
    • https encryption for docs
    • Gmail to Gmail is encrypted end to end
    • Procedures and policies used to “control” transmission of HIPPA related info (Faxes still being used a bit, online service such as e-fax)
  • Email monitoring through/in Google Vault
  • Gmail has Labels that act like tags
  • Google labs – experimental plug-ins for Gmail
    • Undo send
    • Using canned responses
  • Google Learning Center has lots of tutorials and documentation

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