Bagels & Bytes Meeting Notes – November 2015

Bagels & Bytes attendees around the conference tables talkingWe had our November meetup at ACHIEVA once again. A big thank you to Steve, Nicole and Dave for hosting us this month!

Our next meeting will the Bagels & Bytes Holiday Party at Dave & Buster’s on Friday, December 11 from 1-4 pm.

Here are the notes and resources from this month’s meetup:

HRIS (Human Resources Information Systems) Selection

  • HR, payroll, professional development tracking, performance tracking, etc.
  • Paychex.
  • ADP.

Client Information Systems / Case Management

Changing Databases

  • Scrubbing data – going between systems – is never easy.
  • Excel is frequently the “Switzerland” between two databases.
  • almost have to limit current database rights to read-only access (no entry into old system) until the new system is available.
  • Flipping over the a new system during a slow period is frequently easier.

Google Apps for Nonprofits user group

IRS Open Comments Period re: Forcing NPOs to Collect SS# from Donors

  • Read a news article about this.
  • If this is established, NPOs would be required to collect social security numbers for donors who donate over $250.
  • This will affect information systems – will be a challenge getting that to work.
  • It’s also likely to affect donations – donors may be wary of giving that information to nonprofits.
  • It’s also likely to make nonprofits more of a hacking target.
  • Answer the call for open comments.


  • Cloud vs. in-house server.
  • The Internet speeds you have (up and down) make a difference in cloud-based server .performance across the network; it also depends on what you are transmitting (typical size docs or transactional data vs. large photo and video files).
  • Symmetrical up/down speeds can improve performance.
  • The group would like to see Google Fiber come to Pittsburgh soon.

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