Bagels & Bytes Meeting Notes – February 2016

web-IMG_1594For the first meetup of the new year, we went to a new location: Grow Pittsburgh in the East End.  A big “thank you” to Rebekkah and the GP staff for hosting us this month!

Here are the notes and resources from this month’s meetup:

Random resources and links

Swag winners

This month’s winners of NTEN swag!

  • Other local tech meetup groups
  • Recent Apple press release – working on long range wireless charging for devices
  • KDKA story about devices, including a suitcase that will power all of your devices (the story has been removed, but here’s a link to bluesmart, the maker of “the most powerful carry-on in the world”)


  • What to use for selling items and service online (integrations)

Fair Market Value

  • Got into a discussion about deducting FMV from tickets or auctioned items
  • Some software assists with this process and generates the proper receipts and some does not
  • Can get fined for not giving FMV receipts
  • Learn more about FMV at

Sources of Data About Nonprofits

Legacy Equipment

  • How long should you hold onto old equipment in order to retrieve older data from it (example: SCSI drives and servers that can handle them)?
  • Sometimes, if you really need the backup, you have to purchase duplicates of the equipment in question and keep in the closet “just in case”
  • Better to migrate data to a newer and/or cloud-based system
  • Communication between IT and end users is crucial when considering upgrades

Software News

Where to Find Technology Help

2 thoughts on “Bagels & Bytes Meeting Notes – February 2016

  1. Good notes as usual Cindy!

    For the Salesforce Non-Profit Users Group Meeting at Computer Reach at noon on February 18, and the Google for Non-Profits Users Group meeting at 5pm on February 10, here are directions:

    Our workroom/warehouse is inside the Construction Junction building at 214 North Lexington Street. The closest entrance is a big garage door on Lexington Street, opposite Thomas Boulevard. See our website for a photo and more details :

    Look for our Computer Reach sign. Call our warehouse phone, (412) 444-8816 and staff will come out to welcome you.

    If you do not have a phone, press the white button 3 times … and a loud warehouse buzzer will summon someone to let you in. Allow about 3 minutes for someone to walk out as there is no intercom to speak with you remotely.

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