Bagels & Bytes Meeting Notes – October 2014

ACHIEVA on Bingham Street in PittsburghThis month, we are grateful to Steve and Nicole from ACHIEVA for hosting us in their comfortable board room!  We will be back at ACHIEVA next month, when Steve will be giving us a Google Apps demonstration.

(Oh, and I know you’re all tired of hearing me say this – but don’t forget to register for TechNow if you haven’t done so already!  🙂

Here are the notes from this month’s meeting.

iOS 8 Upgrade

  • iOS 8 on older devices
  • Battery issue
  • 5s already has issues with battery on some models
  • Takes ~ 5GB of memory
  • Keeping some app updates from installing (want iOS update 1st)
  • iCloud
  • Pay if more than 5 GB
  • Choose what to backup via iTunes

Cell Phone, Providers and BYOD

  • Most orgs that provide phones to staff standardize & give out one kind of phone
  • Some do BYOD & put on network
  • BYOD policies (could also put in regular acceptable use)
  • Lookout security app – backs up device & takes photo of person if tries to unlock more than 3 times (phone and iPad)
  • Need to put in policy if require that type of app for employees
  • Verizon – recently came down in pricing but have to ask

Windows 10

The Future of Technology

  • Talked about pace of change in tech, last 15 years
  • Minority Report movie has cool tech that we might see in real life someday (also check out the 2012 version of Total Recall)

Learning Management Systems

  • Websites & internet access generally required for learning (K-12 and higher ed)
  • Electronic textbooks as a standard would be great
  • Blackboard is still in use
  • Google has an app called Google Classroom
  • Moodle
  • Aquos Board (Sharp product – Wilson Group may have info at TechNow)
  • Possible SMARTboard uses
    • Notes
    • Annotations
    • Skyping (if camera)


Place to Get Tech Deals


Allegheny B&B – June 2010 Meeting Notes

RiverQuest ExplorerOn June 9, 2010, we held our annual “Bagels & Bytes on a Boat” event!  We once again held our usual meeting, but on the lovely RiverQuest boat, Explorer.  I’d like to thank everyone who came to the meeting and to offer our group’s collective thanks to RiverQuest for the use of their glorious boat.

We had an interesting exploratory discussion on the pros and cons of forming a central group for nonprofits in our region to gain purchasing power for technology assets.

Bagels and Bytes on a Boat 2010

In addition, here are the resources and links shared during the meeting:

  • Computer Recycling:
    • Construction Junction
    • Best Buy
    • Originally Goodwill was mentioned, but I heard a rumor they had stopped accepting computing equipment for recycling – can anyone verify or disprove this fact?
    • (Rose said she used them a few years ago and was pleased with the service and comfortable with the environmental aspect.  They pick up for a fee.)
    • Eloop – partners with Construction Junction
  • Grants Management
    • MicroEdge has a Internet-based grants application manager

Norm Mast of Lutheran Service SocietyNorm Mast of Lutheran Service Society won the door prize this year – some Bayer Center swag for cold and hot beverages – congrats, Norm!