Meeting Notes – May 1, 2013

Once again, we enjoyed the spring scenary at Frick Art & Historical Center!  Next month is our annual summer outing, Bagels & Bytes on a Boat.

The 2013 Bagels & Bytes Meeting Calendar is here.

Here are the notes from this month’s meeting:


Nonprofit vs. for-profit mindsets towards technology

  • For-profits tend to implement more quickly, things don’t have to be perfect

Website getting hacked

  • WordPress – have to apply the updates, can get hacked pretty easily
  • Also shouldn’t keep admin username


Online donations

Big data


Allegheny B&B – August 2009 Meeting Notes

This was our first of two months at Easter Seals Western Pennsylvania in the Strip District.  We used their lovely (albeit rather large!) board room for our meeting.

Our discussion centered around online donation tools and fundraising software.  We found that the two frequently cross each other and might be had as a complete package.  Here are some resources from the meeting and a few I’ve found since then:

In addition we discussed the impact of the upcoming G20 Summit (not a tech topic, but on everyone’s minds nonetheless).  Randy Strothman has created a a semi-permanent page on his company’s blog on which he will post relevant Summit updates as they are made available. (Love the page title, Randy! lol!)

Our next meeting will be held at the same location, Easter Seals Western Pennsylvania, on September 2.  Please note that we are meeting from 8:30 – 10 am starting this month.

The Bagels & Bytes 2009 Calendar (including directions) is here.