Allegheny B&B Meeting – October 2012

This month we met at ACHIEVA on the South Side.  A big thank-you to Steve McDonell and the folks at ACHIEVA for hosting!  We will return to that location for the month of November (Wed., 11/7).

Meeting Notes and Resources

  • We had a general rant regarding budget cuts by the state gov’t and the effects on organization tech budgeting and spending.
  • Mergers and technology (how to do successfully):
    • Communicate well.
    • Educate staff.
    • Change management is the biggest challenge.
  • Security camera installation/implementation.
    • Is it a tech function or facilities function?
    • Analog vs digital?
  • Mobile device use and issues
    • Privacy
    • Personal vs org owned
    • Human Resources vs IT department generated and issued
    • IT generally doesn’t provide support with BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) environment. Staff should take personal devices to phone vendor. Tech dept may provide basic tutorials and acceptable use policies.
    • Google chat has option to send SMS via chat.
  • What affects decision to go to cloud?
    • Org makes choice.
    • Culture is conducive.
    • Perception of institutional control.

The 2012 Bagels & Bytes Meeting Calendar is here.