Bagels & Bytes Meeting Notes – April 2015

The new visitor center at the FrickThis month we met at the lovely Frick Art & Historical Center, which now boasts an awesome new visitor center!  Our deepest thanks to Linda and the Frick staff for hosting us!  We will be back at the Frick for our next meeting on May 6.

Here are the notes from this month’s meeting:

  • Upon asking attendees to reflect on their organization’s greatest present tech challenge, received these answers:
    • Doing things the same way all the time – always reactionary
    • Issues with proprietary content management system
    • Running remote meetings with board or staff
    • Social media usage – how to do it more effectively
    • Budgetary issues
    • No seat at the table
    • No tech plan
    • Need more buy in from staff, leadership and board
    • Utilization of volunteers for tech (what’s appropriate to let a volunteer handle vs. a staff member or vendor)
    • Managing tech volunteers
    • File storage, backup and recovery
  • Social media tips
    • Always use a photo when posting
    • Use shorter URLs (convert with or similar tool)
    • Great for training videos on a wide variety of topics
  • Microlending/microfinance orgs online
  • Event registration tools
  • Books on tech planning
  • Managing technology using volunteers
    • Always good to create a job description with specific skills and duties spelled out
    • Know what’s appropriate for a volunteer vs. a staff member vs. a vendor
    • Recognize when you really need to make the jump from tech volunteer to paid tech staffer
    • NTEN Staffing and Investments Report 2014
  • Technology culture
    • Is a big challenge for many organizations
    • Sometimes fresh leadership causes a positive shift in a stale tech culture
    • How do you get people to realize the value of technology and that they really can’t do their jobs without adequate access to computing resources and data?
  • UpPrize content
  • TechNow 2015 Conference
    • Leaked news of the big speakers, not yet announced to public
      • Afternoon keynote will be Cody Switzer, Senior Editor at the Chronicle of Philanthropy
      • Opening plenary will be Kenya Boswell, President at BNY Mellon Foundation and Matt Zieger, Executive in Residence, Innovation, Forbes Funds

Bagels & Bytes on a Boat – June 2009 Meeting

Ahoy! We had a great time this month at Bagels & Bytes on a Boat!  RiverQuest’s new boat Explorer is everything we hoped it would be.

Talkin' Tech at B&B on a Boat

Talkin' Tech at B&B on a Boat

A big “thank you” to the RiverQuest staff and crew who were so helpful and gracious before and during our meeting.

We held a drawing for two tech-related books at our meeting.  Rose McKee from the Benedum Foundation won “Momentum” by Allison Fine and Mike Papas from Three Rivers Youth won “Wired for Good” by Joni Podolsky.

Speaking of the book “Wired for Good” – I can get this for $10 per copy, but have to order at least five at a time.  Please email me at if you are interested in being added to a list.

Regardless of the setting, you can’t stop NP techies from talking about tech!  Here are some of the resources discussed during our meeting:

One last tidbit from the meeting…Sandy S. brought her little tech guy-to-be along for us to meet.  This little dude attended Bagels & Bytes in utero all last year and we finally got to meet him!

Bagels & Bytes Baby

Our Bagels & Bytes Baby!

Next Bagels & Bytes Meetings

Note:  There are no B&B meetings in July.

  • Allegheny group – Wednesday, August 5 at Easter Seals in the Strip District, 8 am – 9:30 am.
  • Downtown group – Thursday, August 6 at the Bayer Center office in the Regional Enterprise Tower, 8 am – 9:30 am.

I know we discussed changing the meeting start times to 8:30 am.  Since the Bayer Center calendar and course catalog have been published and widely distributed through August, let’s keep the original start time through that month.  I’ll change it in our fall course catalog and we’ll give an 8:30 am start time a try for a few months.

2009 Bagels & Bytes Calendar is here