Bagels & Bytes Meeting Notes – April 2018

About the Meetup

We had our first of two meetups at the Frick Pittsburgh on April 4. We will be back at the Frick one more time on May 2. Thank you to Lynn, Linda and the Frick team for hosting us!

Following are the notes and resources discussed during the meetup.

Security Surveillance Cameras (vendors don’t say “security” but surveillance these days)

  • NEST – backs up to cloud, can see who’s at door instead of just having a buzzer
    • Also has smoke detectors and the like
  • Lorex – phone app so you can see all cameras
  • Axis Companion – integraIVMStes with phone system
  • Vector – company that does comprehensive security
  • SmartCam
  • Ccure – security company

Updating technology

  • What to do with technology is the last thing to receive attention (sometimes caused by older board members who don’t get it)
  • Sometimes scaring board and leadership by pointing out risk can work
  • Need to get people on the board who are technology advocates
  • Donated software and hardware isn’t usually “free”
  • NTEN technology staffing and investments survey – to see how much your org should be spending
  • Plan more than you think you need to
  • TechSoup – low cost software and hardware; have to watch for license expirations
  • Other free software for NPOs
  • Ask merchant account providers about nonprofit rates
  • Northland Public Library lends out Internet hotspots

Social Media Policy Template

  • Look online for templates
  • Hard to enforce – need to make sure legal looks at it before deploying
  • Policy for staff is good, but also want to consider other stakeholders, like volunteers, board members, etc.
  • Social media task force can possibly help

Social Tools/Channels Most Used by Younger Generations

Website Security

Allegheny Bagels & Bytes Meeting – August 2012

We held our meeting at Jewish Residential Services’ office in Rodef Shalom, Shadyside.  Thank you to Paula Pagnotta and JRS for hosting us!

We will return to the same place for the September 5 meeting (usual time, 8:30 – 10 am).

Resources and Notes from our August Meeting

  • What constitutes “good” customer service? 
    • Call back in reasonable amount of time
    • Have to watch one person vendor shops…not as responsive sometimes
  • Remote services
  • Challenges with deploying new tech
    • Visual component is so important…people are creatures of habit
    • Change is hard…even though we talk about it.
    • Whether its hardware or software etc. someone will find something not to like about new stuff.
    • People want to feel in control and competent and when they can’t get tech to work, sometimes that causes them to feel out of control and incompetent. That can be a bigger issue than the actual equipment.
  • ISPs
  • Social media policy question
    • Trend in for-profits was rigid policies, has been turning less rigid.
    • Nonprofits seem to be going from less rigid to more.
    • Where is the boundary…Human Resources issue vs. a tech issue?
    • Seems to be trial and error so far, for most orgs in general.
    • Performance issues have to be addressed as such.
    • Some grantmakers and certification bodies are starting to require that orgs have such a policy in place.
    • It’s about trying to control behavior.
    • Should we have a stand-alone social media policy vs. part of overall policy?

And finally, a funny quote from the meeting that cracked us all up:  “Why do they have cell phone service in a cemetery?  THEY don’t need it.”

The 2012 Bagels & Bytes Meeting Calendar is here.

Allegheny B&B – March 2011 Meeting

This month we met for the second and final time for this year at the Frick Art & Historical Center‘s Haller House.

Here are notes and resources from the meeting:

CRM / Databases

  • Raiser’s Edge (noted as expensive, complex, and training intensive)
  • DonorPro (noted as integrates w/Constant Contact, has lots of modules including silent auction and event management, and good support and training is provided)
  • Aplicor CRM software (based in Florida)
  • Sage ACT! CRM software

Social Media Policy

After the meeting, Johna Lingelbach from Allegheny Conference shared a resource for free videoconferencing/social networking called Concert-oh!.  I’ll try to get a demo of this for a near-future meeting if I can.

We will meet next month at UCP/CLASS, 4638 Centre Ave., Pittsburgh, on Wednesday, April 6, 2011.  Please join us!

Get 2011 B&B meeting info and location/directions here.